There are different types of travel at LAS.

  1. Personal Weekend Travel: On certain weekends (see school calendar) a student may have the privilege of traveling for the day or the weekend. There are conditions that must be met to earn this privilege.
  2. Vacation Travel: Travel that occurs during the school year as a result of school vacations. This is the arrival at the start of the year, the departure and arrival to and from the winter break, the departure and arrival to and from spring vacation and the departure at the end of the year. The Travel Office is in charge of collecting all information. Email:
  3. Medical Travel: Any travel as a result of medical leave. Email:
  4. Special Travel: Travel that results in classes missed is handled for Savoy students by the Academic Office. ( and for Belle Époque students by the Assistant Dean of the Belle Époque (
  5. School Travel: See STUDENT LIFE SECTION in the student handbook
  6. Emergency Travel: If there is an emergency situation then you should contact your admissions representative to confirm the event. The Dean of Students, the Director of Studies or the Dean of the Belle Epoque will then consult with the admissions agent to determine if travel can be authorized.
  7. Family Visit: If the parents or relative (the adult must be 25 years or older) of the student visits the campus, they may check out the student for the weekend. The student does not need to go through the travel request process. The family member must check out in person with the Dean of Students Office during the school day or in person with the Administrator on Call after school hours or on the weekends.

Personal Weekend Travel

Personal travel is a great opportunity for students to get off the mountain and take advantage of the nearby cities that offer a greater variety of shopping and dining than in Leysin. When granting permission to travel, parents should consider not only the safety of their children, but also the effect that it can have on the academic achievement of their child. personal travel only occurs on the given dates on the calendar. personal travel is for students to travel for pleasure. this system is not designed to accommodate doctor’s appointments, college visits or placement exams, family visits, etc.

Personal Travel Dates

  1. Travel Weekend - A student may travel and be away from the school overnight.
  2. Day Travel - A student may only leave the school during the day and must return by curfew to their dorm.
  3. Non-Travel Weekend - Students are not allowed to leave the school during the weekend.


Students must return to school by their dorm curfew on Saturday or by 19:00 on Sunday.

Travel authorization is determined by:

  1. Savoy Students in Grades 10, 11, and 12 - The Assistant Dean of Students
  2. Grade 8 and 9 students - The Grade 8 and 9 Coordinator
  3. Belle Époque Students - The Assistant to the Dean of Belle Époque

Each one of these people have access to this portal where the parental permission must be done.

Travel List

If a student has met all of the requirements then he or she will be authorized to travel and placed on the travel list. The travel list will be posted as soon as possible (usually Wednesday afternoon). After 17:00 Thursday there will be no more changes to the travel list.

Note: Even if a student is unsure whether they are going to travel or not they need to go through the process. If they are placed on the travel list but elect not to travel then they should contact the proper person (above list) to be removed from the travel list. (Otherwise duty staff won’t know to look for them in case of an emergency).

Procedures To Make The Travel List (16 Years And Older)

To travel on the weekend is considered a privilege. In order to have this privilege, students must be on the Commendation List